Title:"Scenery" Japanese Title: "Keshiki" (けしき.)

Airdate: 2/23/2007

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Warning: Mild Language The episode starts off with Miu picking up a unknown number on the phone; she hears nothing and puts it down.

Matsuoka while talking to her friends, saying that she wants to be an idol. Does a backflip and knocks her-self out (believing she's dead). She wakes up and finds Noguchi, her guide. Who Matsuoka claims she is Matsuri, she denies herself as Matsuri. She then takes her to judjement by Emma-san, who, after a brief argument, tells her to go to Hell. Miu then pleas for Emma-san to send her to heaven, but Emma rejects her plea. Noguchi tries to escort Miu into Hell, but Miu then Noguchi tries to escape to heaven. But is zaped by Lighting from Emma-san. She then wakes up to find what’s she believes to be Chika in a chair with a cell phone, but Noguchi tells her that she is Sasaki-san, the Demon. When Miu says Sasaki-san is wearing Embarrassing clothes, she threatens her to stop joking around or she'll be beaten by a club. But Miu then changes the subject on what Hell should be like (mountains of needles, Torture racks and boiling pots), Sasaki then tells her to stop mentioning such horrible things and tells her that Hell is where you are forced to do stuff that people don’t like.

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