Matsuoka Miu


Debut (Anime) Episode 1
Debut (Light Novel) Novel 1
Debut (Manga) Manga 1
Voice Actor (Japanese) Fumiko Orikasa
Voice Actor (English) Caitlynne Medrek
Personal Info
Gender Female
Age 12 years old
Birthday September 8
Blood Type B

Matsuoka Miu (松岡 美羽) is Chika Itou's best friend. She lives next door to the Itou house, often running across the roofs of the two houses and entering Chika's room via the window, almost always without invitation. In contrast to Chika, she is more of a surrealist, demonstrating some kind of "problem-child personality" and never ceasing to pick on the other characters (especially Nobue). She is twelve, in the sixth grade, and in the same class as Chika.

She is rather jealous of Sakuragi Matsuri and Ana Coppola, largely due to Nobue finding them both cuter than her, which causes her to frequently taunt and pick on them out of spite.