Ichigo mashimaro matsuri

Matsuri Sakuragi (桜木 茉莉) is an eleven year old girl who everyone calls Mats. She wears glasses and has gray hair in the anime and white hair in the manga. She also has a ferret named John. Of the other girls she is closest to Ana Coppola, who she discovers had forgotten how to speak English. (and she aids in the situation by studying the language herself). She is teased by Matsuoka Miu commonly due to the color of her hair or other reasons, though this is simply due to her jealousy of Nobue's fondness of her. She is also very close to Itou Nobue.


Matsuri is a very shy, timid girl, who constantly gets picked on by Miu. She is weak in health and isn't very good at swimming and even if she wants to tell the teacher something, she is too shy and can't, which then Ana rescues her.